Why We Are Different

The landscape for the provision of legal services is changing as clients demand high quality legal services at cost efficient prices. We provide specialist legal services in an innovative and cost efficient manner to meet this need. Our service can be utilized by a wide range of clients from small businesses with no internal legal resource to law firms who face short term resourcing challenges due to fluctuations in workloads. We believe that this model will play a significant part in the future of the legal services industry.

We differentiate ourselves in three main ways:

  • First:    We believe that the quality and experience of the lawyer actually doing the work is of paramount importance. We only provide the services of specialist corporate finance and restructuring lawyer, Swati Patel.
  • Second:    We understand that the mark of a good lawyer is someone who can provide clear, concise, commercial advice that can help clients meet their business objectives. This requires lawyers who are able to navigate grey areas in the law and provide clients with probability outcomes. Our lawyer provides commercial, solutions orientated, legal services.
  • Third:    We understand that clients want to pay a fair price for the legal services they receive. We are flexible on the pricing of our lawyer’s service and can provide a fixed fee for project based work where the scope of work can be pre-agreed with sufficient certainty.